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Juan E. Micieli-Martinez has always been devoted to doing what’s best for his hometown of Riverhead.   In his decades of working with and within the agricultural community, he has come to know and be known by the business community and residents.  Now this successful entrepreneur is hard at work to earn a seat on the Riverhead Town Board to have a larger role in both the preservation and advancements of this town he has long called home.  


Juan’s father worked at the Riverhead Post Office, his mom at Tru-Tech. And his childhood memories include shopping for school supplies on Main Street, being treated to ice cream cones at Star Confectionary or grabbing a slice of pizza to eat by the Riverfront.  When the time came to raise his own family, he and his wife Bridget bought a home in the heart of downtown, close enough to walk their son down the block for ice cream.     


His home has provided a front row seat to Main Street’s advancements and many set-backs.  Watching and listening closely, Juan has learned that downtown revitalization should not be in the hands of developers driven by profit, but guided by a strategy built around community benefit, and shaped by the wants and need of our Riverhead residents who live and raise their families here.  He is honored to be an active member of the Downtown Revitalization Committee, and have a voice in helping to create an innovative and dynamic long term strategy to regenerate our Downtown for future generations.


With his close-up view working in the agricultural community, Juan knows that keeping our farms producing is critical, not only to protect our rural character but to bolster their important role in these times of food uncertainty.  Keeping our water supply clean and abundant requires focused protection of  our rivers, bay and water table.  As a man whose livelihood is tied directly into a healthy environment, protecting all our natural resources will continue to be a priority.  


But it’s 2021 and we can’t stand still.  Balancing preservation with growth and expansion comes easier to a man who balances business and natural resources every day.  Juan believes that “we need to provide a better Riverhead for our families and protect our rural way of life, while continuing to welcome new jobs, industries and residents.”  

Juan Micieli-Martinez has a lifelong loyalty to Riverhead and our residents and he is determined to provide a hopeful future for his young son and our entire community. He is proudly making the simple promise to keep the interests of the community at the forefront and make educated and thoughtful decisions to help move Riverhead forward.  


But before he can get to work for Riverhead, Juan will need your support and your vote on November 2nd.  Talk with your neighbors, tell your friends.  If you have a few hours or a few dollars to share, any contribution will get Juan one step closer to help in guiding and guarding Riverhead forward.  

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