“I want to work for you.  We need a town board with the interest and skills to creatively revitalize Riverhead’s Downtown, keep taxes down, protect what we have and add what we need.  As an active member of the wine community and small business owner, I know how to navigate business on all levels.  As a proud and loyal Riverhead local, I just want to be part of steering our town forward”
Preservation of Our Rural Character and Agricultural Heritage

As an important participant of the agricultural community, one of Juan’s priorities is to cultivate ideas and programs not only to preserve our farms but to make farming sustainable and diverse so many generations will be able to have access to healthy nutritious food.  


There is no disputing that farming and agriculture are a major part of Riverhead’s history, but we need to work now to protect their future.  Farmlands are part of our heritage and landscape, producing healthy, nutritious food, feeding a major part of the profitable tourist industry and benefiting our environment.  Additionally, hardworking workers who left their homes to work our farms have become part of the fabric of our richly diverse community. 


Juan will advocate to maintain our rural character and agricultural heritage and this vital resource in helping maintain food security for residents and an economic engine for our East End.  ​

Strategic Sustainable Revitalization of Downtown

The future is coming to Downtown.  But what will that look like?  As we make decisions for Downtown’s future, a good strategy is key for a well thought out, balanced revitalization.  It cannot and should not only be about generating income for developers. Sustainable development and environmental impacts, as well as community input must all be taken into account. We need to balance the needs of current and future residents with current and future Main Street businesses, and to look closely to understand the impacts of any decision.

Working for the Entire Community 

“My motive is simple, serve the interests of Riverhead residents.  As a resident of Downtown, it would be my honor and pleasure to serve the entire community.  Riverhead needs elected officials that consider our residents' needs ahead of their own and that of special interest groups.” 

Accountability and Responsible Spending of Tax Dollars

With decades successfully operating a business for the highest taxpayer of Riverhead Town, Juan understands the issues at different levels in our community.  The common theme from all taxpayers is that we want our hard-earned tax money spent responsibly and sensibly.  Juan will advocate for fiscal responsibility, and like all other decisions, will be based on what is best for the community as he did when General Manager of Martha Clara Vineyards.

Advocating for Clean Waters and Environment for Future Generations

Water, the basis of all life on earth and a major part of life on the East End, is a valuable resource that we must treat with respect.   From our beautiful bays, rivers, lakes, streams, and Long Island Sound to the water that we drink, water is such an important resource that we must work to protect.  I will be an advocate to improve our waterways and maintain a quality drinking water supply.